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On this page you can find links that I recommend you visit. Click the images to visit the web site. Remember you can find route planning tools on my Route Planning Help page. I highly recommend using the route planning tools along side when flying online.

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UK CHARTS can be found here. Feel free to print them off and file them. PDF Formats.

FlyUK logo

At FlyUK Virtual Airline, training is provided, along with many documents, which can aid you with flying online. I have found their training sessions really helpful in flying online and offline. Visit to learn more and possibly even join.

VATSIM - Click here to learn more!

VATSIM - Click the logo to learn more!

IVAO - Click to learn more !

IVAO - Click the logo to learn more !

Squawkbox - Click to learn more !

Squawkbox is the widely used client for use on VATSIM. It is easy to use and very frame rate friendly due to the amount of resources it uses.

It's counter part 'FS Inn' listed below uses more resources and you may find that if you have a low system specification (non dual core) then you might be better off using this. Used along with vroute either of the clients are great use with VATSIM.

ServInfo - Click to learn more !

ServInfo is an FS addon for aircraft. This application is used on all of my Boeing aircraft packages. You can learn how to update it by visiting this web site (if need be).

It allows you to find out information, track yourself or fellow simmers. See what ATC is on and when. Similarities with vroute but mainly used as an addon for our freeware aircraft within flight.

MCDU - FS Inn and FS Co-Pilot

Tools for use with VATSIM and IVAO. FS Inn and Co Pilot.

FSInn is used as a client for use on the network (kind of like Squawkbox but much more advanced). FS Co Pilot is an addon for use with aircraft, includes: Pushback, GPWS and much much more! Learn more at their web site (or read the readme files). Linked to VATSIM forum as they're versions for both FS9 and FSX.