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On this page you can find links that I recommend you visit. Click the images to visit the web site.

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UK CHARTS can be found here. Feel free to print them off and file them. PDF Formats.

vroute - Click to learn more !

A highly recommended piece of software. This runs separate from FS and is used to plan your flight. It has many features including: direct connections with VATSIM, pre-filed flight plans you can use for your own, ATC bookings and much much more.

Great Circle Mapper - Click to learn more !

Great Circle Mapper displays a map depicting the great circle path between locations and computes the distance along that path. It can also display the area which is within a given range of a location. Best to visit the web site to learn about it. It does have an FAQ section.

Route Finder - Click to learn more !

Route generator for PC flight simulation use. This is an excellent tool and I use it constantly! Very good and accurate! Recommend using along side with the below web site; when entering your information though you must make sure that the cycle on this web site is the same as the one that you use below.

Sim Routes Logo.

Simroutes is a mulipurpose tool that many flight simulator enthusiasts use (a replacement to You can search flight plans between two airports. You can then also generate a flight plan between two airports and then download it (multiple options available including Xplane, FSX, FS9 / FS2004, FSInn, Sqawkbox and professional aircraft such as the PMDG etc). A huge thank you to my fellow colleague down at FlyUK Virtual Airline for this link.