Links - Useful Tools

On this page you can find links to tools which I recommend you use along side flight simulator. Click the images to visit the web site.

I highly recommend installing those mentioned under 'for use with flight sim'.

Freeware | Route Planning Help | Payware Sites | Online Flying Help

For use with Flight Simulator

Highly recommend checking out 'AutoSave' which is an excellent module. It saves your flight every 'x' which you define within it's configuration file. Scroll down on the page I've linked you to in order to download it.

Snapper - Click to learn more !

"Snapper makes it really easy to make screenshots. When Snapper is running, every time you press the 'PrintScreen' button, it will save a JPG image of the screenshot to your harddisk, possibly with some enhancements". Visit to learn more and download!

aismooth - Click to learn more !

aismooth is an excellent tool which helps manage the ai traffic near your aircraft within flight simulator. You never have to worry about go arounds ever again with this baby running in the background! Look for version 1.20 (FSX version is compatible with FS9/FS2004)!

EditVoicePack - Click to learn more !

EditVoicepack offers a simple interface to edit the file containing the ATC communication. It is possible to change the phraseology as well as add airline callsigns, airports, and aircraft types. EditVoicepack already contains thousands of ready made entries and it allows you to accelerate the existing voices for a more realistic experience and better handling of traffic dense environments. Installed just by itself it really makes flight simulator much more real!

For use along side/outside of Flight Simulator

Lee Swordys AFCAD program - Click to learn more !

Lee Swordy's AFCAD program is a CAD-style editor for FS2004 airports. Airports consist of visible scenery and invisible facility data used to control airport operations. AFCAD 2 can add or modify almost all facility elements and several visible elements. This includes runways, taxiways, aprons, parking and communications.

Lee Swordys AFCAD program - Click to learn more !

Airport Design Editor (ADE) is a graphical design tool to create and enhance airports for Microsoft Flight Simulators 9 and X. It is basically a much more advanced version of AFCAD with additional features as editing or placing objects, using a background image or enhancing the approaches to your airport.