Stands 1,2 and 3 at Leeds and Bradford Airport

Welcome to my AFCADs section. Below is a list of airports that I have developed AFCADs for. Currently I have only developed an AFCAD for EGNM due to me not having much free time.

Download links are towards the bottom of this page.

Learn more about LBA.

Leeds and Bradford Airport (LBA - EGNM)

AFCAD updated for the following scenery (FS2004 only)

How to install this (any version) AFCAD properly:

1) If you use "EGNM Extreme Freeware Scenery", uninstall it as described here.
-- all files including the AFCAD files are uninstalled :)

2) Install Local EGNM Scenery as described here (optional but recommended).

3) Install UK2000 Part 7 as described here (if you don't have UK2000 Xtreme EGNM).

4) Install my latest AFCAD now (download links are towards the bottom of this page).

5) Load FS and go to Settings > Scenery Library and make sure that "UK2000 AFCAD2 Files HIGH LEVEL" is listed above UK2000 Parts 1 to 8. However, keep it below UK2000 Xtreme scenery (including the common library) as shown in this image.

Click OK and Exit FS before continuing to step 6 :)

6) Uninstall conflicting AFCADs by ...

You will need to temporarily install Lee Swordy's AFCAD v2.21 program (Download).

Note: Click on the number links to see a visual screenshot on what to do ...

6.1. Run the program, select File > Open Airport > type "egnm" in the Airport ID box and then click on search.

6.2. The airport AFCAD files being used by FS will be listed in the Airports box. The one at the top in bold is the top most layer that FS uses (this will be my AFCAD). If you have any AFCADs between the stock (bottom afcad) and mine, then I recommend you delete that/those AFCAD(s).

As you can see, I have a traffic addon which includes an AFCAD. Therefore I delete it, to avoid conflicts in FS with my AFCAD. There is no need to delete the UK2000 Part 7 scenery AFCAD, as my AFCAD over-writes the UK2000 AFCAD. Therefore it is the same file (the top most listed).

To delete the middle AFCADs, select the one you wish to delete. If you have more than one, you have to do one at a time.

6.3. Click OK once you have selected the middle AFCAD to load the AFCAD file.

6.4. Now click on File and select Properties. Using your mouse, select the "From File:" text (without the file name) and copy it to memory (press Crtl + C).

For example, in the screenshot I would copy "D:\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Scenery\Traffic2005AFD\scenery\", leaving out "AF2_EGNM.bgl".

6.5. Now open Windows Explorer (press your Windows Key + E), paste (press Crtl + V) the text into the adress bar and press enter (see the screenshot). This will open the folder where the file is in Windows Explorer.

6.6. Exit the AFCAD program because if you try to delete the file now, windows will not let you as the file is in use (open in the afcad program).

6.7. Find the file (double check the filename) and delete it.

6.8. Installation complete. Load FS and away you go :) Feel free to uninstall the AFCAD program.

Version 3 (Cancelled)

Version 3 updates will include:

Version 2 (including v2 and v2.5)

Version 2 has now been released and it is recommended you upgrade to it as it is the one that works best (especially if you have my PRT EGNM v1.4 project installed).

Changes in version 2 compared with version 1

Download Links for version 2.5 (updated from v2)

AVSIM link (account required).

Search for file name "" at (account required).

Download Links for version 1

Version 1 is unavailable from AVSIM.

Search for file name "" at (account required).