Meljet Boeing 777 Package

Liveries included in the package (scrolling image)

The first Boeing package I created was the 777. This package only includes the 200 and 300 variants of the 777. This is because at Euro Link we only used these variants, so there was no need for me to include other variants.

Authors of the livery schemes included in this package that I was granted permission to use, have been credited within Flight Sim. Specifically within the description part when selecting the aircraft, and livery.

You can learn more about the Boeing 777-200/300 at (200 or 300 variant).

Sounds provided (with permission) by: Devyn J Silverstein

Panel provided (with permission) by: Gabriel Gutierrez

Liveries Included

  • Euro Link VA OC and NC
  • Air France
  • Alitalia
  • British Airways
    (Chelsea Rose, Rendezvous, Union and Wings)
  • Finnair
  • KLM
  • LOT


Extra features (installed by the Update to version 3)

Video Promotion

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Important Install Instructions

Make sure if flying online you have the most up to date ServInfo gauge installed.

  1. Download and install version 2.5
  2. Download and install version 3 patch

Download Links (version 2.5)

AVSIM link (account required).

Search for file name "" at (account required).

PATCH (Upgrade to Version 3 Final)

AVSIM link (account required).

Search for file name "" at (account required).