Aircraft Packages

Make sure if flying online you have the most up to date ServInfo gauge installed.

UPGRADE version 2.5 to version 3 today by installing the relevant patch (read extra features below)!

During my time at Euro Link VA I developed Boeing aircraft packages which included many features (these are listed below). At the last minute I decided to add other airline liveries by request from other virtual airlines. I then released the completed package for all to enjoy and make the most of; not just virtual airline members.

Download links can be found at the bottom of each project (aircraft, scenery etc) page.


Each boeing aircraft package includes:

Extra features (installed with the Update to version 3)

To download the patch, visit the aircraft page you wish to update. Scroll down till you find the heading 'PATCH'.

Video Promotions

Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video below.

Click a link below to view the promotional video for that specific aircraft on YouTube:

Note: These are also listed on each of the aircraft pages as well.