Project Mach 2.0 Concorde

Animated GIF showing screen shots of this PM2 Concorde Pack

For my PM2 Project (including panel); please continue to my OLD web page for this project by clicking here.

Otherwise the Historic Jetliner Group have now re-released the Project Mach 2.0 for FS2004 which includes my V Speed readouts and panel. To learn more and even download this excellent freeware Concorde please visit their web site (linked at the bottom of this page).

The panel is customised by myself. Thank you to Rob Barendregt for allowing me to add his excellent V Speed gauge which I have also used on my Boeing aircraft packages in the past.

SPECIAL VIDEO - British Airways Tribute Video to Concorde

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Click here to watch a special Concorde video on YouTube

To view the British Airways Concorde Tribute video (Thank you for 27 supersonic years) click on the YouTube logo to your left. Please rate and comment if you have an account as it is much appreciated.


Support for this Concorde is now found at the forums at HJG (see below for a link to their web site).

Historic Jetliner Group Web Site

For download links please visit the HJG web site.

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Historic Jetliners Group offer some great models including: Concorde (Project Mach 2.0), B707, B720, B717, B727, BAe-146, CV880, CV990, DC8, DC9, L1011, Caravelle and MD80/90. Visit to learn more.