Project Reality Traffic EGNM (v1.4)

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A project which I have developed and improved on continuously for the past four years. Version 1.4 offers more than ever. It took me about three months in total to develop, test and tweak the project which I devoted a lot of time towards. Not only does this project offer real AI traffic movements at EGNM, but it also offers freeware scenery, an updated AFCAD for all professional scenery and updated AI sounds.

Learn about the history of EGNM.

After 2 months of hard work, my world famous project reality traffic EGNM has finally arrived for 2008/2009. This project is based upon Leeds and Bradford International Airport in the UK. It provides a real layout with the use of my new AFCADs including: FS Default Scenery, my freeware scenery package v1.0, British Airports Vol.6 and UK2000 Part 7.

FS Traffic 2005 by Just Flight is required for this project to work.

There are many new features this year which add to the realism of my past successes, including: configuration utilities, aircraft registration codes are real for each flight plan, new aircraft liveries plus much more!

This project consists of real flight plans, aircraft, and flight numbers which are all timed to the real timetable of Leeds and Bradford Airport (egnm). This project version includes timetable flight plans for Summer 2008, Winter 2008, Summer 2009 and Winter 2009.

Download Links

AVSIM link (account required).

Project Updates

The AFCAD has been updated since the release of this project.

View my AFCAD projects page.

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