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Looking for EGNM Extreme Freeware? This project page has moved to here as I'm in the process of "upgrading" the project.

This Local EGNM Addon Scenery will be released in April 2017. It is to replace the EGNM Extreme Freeware project due to UK2000 Part 7 now being freeware (learn more).
Features in this package:

Please note: the above features may or may not be present in the final project. There may also be more features than listed in the above features. Please review news sections of this web site for further information when it becomes available.

Download Links

See EGNM Extreme Freeware.

Support / F.A.Q

Q. Is this compatible with UK2000 Part 7?

A. 100% yes, including my EGNM AFCAD project's also.

Video Promotion

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Click here to watch my EGNM Freeware Scenery promotional video on YouTube

Please note that this video is of an old EGNM Extreme Freeware scenery project. The airport scenery in this video is not included in this new project (Local EGNM Addon Scenery), however the listed features are shown in the video. To view my promotional video click on the YouTube logo to your left. Please rate and comment if you have an account as it is much appreciated.