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Welcome to my Leeds & Bradford Airport (EGNM) Scenery Package Aug 2008 v1.0

The EGNM Airport scenery itself is by Paul Baines; so a BIG thanks to him !

I myself have completely re-tuned a new AFCAD for use with this scenery. It has undergone extensive testing and been updated to resemble the real layout of EGNM (as it was early 2009).

Extra features in this package:

*** FSX Users download David Diggory's Free EGNM Scenery ! ***

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If you have UK2000 Part 7 installed, this project doesn't work properly. Please uninstall this freeware scenery as described below (see UK2000 P7 compatibility).

If you are installing this along side my EGNM Version 1.4 project, during the installation select that you " I do not have PRT v1.3 installed ". At the end of the installation click exit, then cancel the AFCAD installer. Download and install the updated AFCAD (version 2.5).

Google Drive link (account not required).

Support / F.A.Q

Q. Is this compatible with UK2000 Part 7? How to uninstall this project properly?

A. After testing, it has become apparent that this project is no longer compatible with UK2000 scenery. I will be re-doing a new EGNM Addon Scenery pack to replace this project soon (18-Mar-2017)!

For now, from your Control Panel > Programs and Features, firstly uninstall "Tree Fix for EGNM Freeware Extreme v1.0" and then "EGNM Extreme Aug 2008". Uninstall in that order. Upon re-loading FS, you will receive an error because the scenery cannot be found. Click OK to load FS as normal. Go to the scenery library and delete the area "Leeds_UK_EGNM_Freeware". Close the scenery library and restart FS.

Q. How can I get rid of the static aircraft?

A. You can't unless you delete the entire scenery. This is because it was originally for FS2002 and the scenery file that contains the main terminal also contains the static aircraft. Sorry.

Package Updates & FIXES

There are currently two updates to this scenery package:

  1. Download an updated AFCAD

  2. Tree fix:

This fixes many graphics issues that a user reported to me. All this does is uninstall the trees at EGNM which seemed to conflict with other third party add-ons installed (or not in one case I found).

Tree fix is included in the above link.

Video Promotion

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