Irish Airports Scenery by IFSD


Animated GIF that is a slideshow of screen shots taken of the scenery and airports


Please note that I do not claim to own this scenery in any way. It is the shareware version which I am making available for others to download seen as the IFSD web site is down.

The download link below is for all files including the updates. There are updated AFCAD files if you require them as well available from that web site.

Main Airports Included

EIDW - Dublin International, EICK - Cork International, EINN - Shannon, EICM - Galway, EIKL - Kilkenny, EISG - Sligo and EIWF - Waterford.


IFSD (Irish Flight Sim Design) Members
Graham Smith, Nick Whittome, Padraig O'Loughlin, Greg Coyle, Michael Kelly, Fergal Murphy, Stephen Casey and Paul Baines.

Other people who have been invaluable in the making of this scenery

Arno Gerretsen (technical advisor), Robert Vandenberghe (AFCAD and AI expert), Gerrish Grey (for his excellent tree library), Alan Devins (S61 and other assistance with Sligo
Ole Egholm - Fokker F27 Model), AVSIM, The Beta testers, Our friends, families, wives, girlfriends who have put up with us working on this time consuming project!

Download Link

Only available from Google Drive (an account is not required).

Follow instructions exactly as stated in the Readme file and during installation !

I cannot provide support for this as instructions have been laid out exactly. Make sure you restart FS after each install.

Updated AFCAD Files

Updated AFCAD files are available from that web site.