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UK2000 scenery for Flight Simulator is extremely well known within the flight sim community. Their more up to date release, the Xtreme series is just an absolute epic experience!

However, if you cannot afford the new Xtreme series, in Aug 2015 Gary made a decision to release the "old products" as freeware. I highly recommend them!

To learn more about each product and which airports it features, visit the appropriate product page below. I have also provided accurate install instructions below with download links.

  1. Part 1 Channel Islands
  2. Part 2 Southwest
  3. Part 3 Southeast
  4. Part 4 East Anglia
  5. Part 5 Midlands
  6. Part 6 Wales and West Midlands
  7. Part 7 North England
  8. Part 8 Northeast and Northwest

Download Links and How to install

Read fully before doing anything!

1) Download all files from the UK2000 web page first. I recommend you organise them.
-- Copy the serials into a Notepad document as well as you'll need these!

2) Windows 7+ users must run exe's with admin rights! How do I do this?

Install all Parts (including bonus files) in sequential order (i.e. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 5 bonus etc ...) ... after each install, exit the scenery setup program and do not run Flight Sim.

3) Run the Add scenery to fs program after Part 8 or from your "start menu > UK2000 scenery > UK2000 setup program". Add each scenery part in order with your personal preferences. I do not recommend static aircraft!

4) Update AFCAD files (see this readme file). I've uploaded the 19.11.2005 AFCAD files from my backups here. You can also download more up-to-date AFCAD files from the AVSIM library for airports you fly to and from on a regular basis.

I suggest using the criteria "uk2000 EG## afcad" (replace the airport code) within the category "FS2004 - AFCAD Files". Always check the compatibility and the readme file. For EGNM, I highly recommended using mine as I keep it updated.

5) [Optional] Remove any static aircraft you do not wish to have at certain airports
-- See number 3 in the support section below for more information!

6) If you have any Xtreme Airport(s) installed which is/are included in Part X(YZ) of this old UK2000 scenery, you need to delete some BGL files in order for your airport(s) to function correctly! Do not skip doing this because your airport will not work if you do!

Please consult number 2 in the support section below BEFORE running Flight Sim!

7) Run Flight Sim and enjoy :)

Important notes: From what I can tell, the executables include all prior updates that were applied to these products.

Support / F.A.Q

I have only provided limited support below so if you require more support for this scenery, please visit the UK2000 support forum.

1) Will this scenery work in FSX/P3D?

According to Gary, no, Flight Sim 9 (2004) only! Though you could try :)

2) Is this scenery compatible with UK2000 Xtreme series?

Yes, however, you do need to delete certain files. See this thread on AVSIM forums for aid.

3) Static Aircraft Issues after running scenery setup program [solution]

Why are there still static aircraft models, AFTER I selected no static?

The ‘No static’ option in the installer is only meant for large airports like Gatwick, Birmingham etc. If you want to remove smaller airport static like Bournemouth and Norwich then you need to manually delete the file that generates them. For Bournemouth it would be “eghhstat.bgl”, or Norwich would be “egshaircraft.bgl”.

For example, with Part 2, at EGGB (Bristol) and EGTE (Exeter) there are static aircraft regardless of selecting no static aircraft within the scenery setup program.

1) Make sure FS9 is NOT running, if it is then close it!

2) Navigate to the following folder:

...\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\uk2000 scenery\uk2000 part 2\scenery

3) Delete [or rename to be safe] the files: "egtestat.bgl" and "eggbstat.bgl" (they may include numbers). If renaming I suggest add the prefix ".backup" to the file name (e.g. egtestat.bgl.backup).

Video Promotion

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Click here to watch my EGNM Freeware Scenery promotional video on YouTube

Viewing any of my Flight Sim videos prior to 2017 will show airports from the UK2000 Parts 1 - 8 scenery.