FS Projects Welcome

A photo of a Jet2.com 737 taking off on runway 32 (view from end of runway 14)

Welcome to my FS Projects section. Here you can find pages related to my Flight Sim work that I have developed and released.

Use the navigation sub menu above to navigate between the different types of projects I have developed.

Where Can I find download links?

Download links can be found towards the bottom of each project page. So can promotional videos which are linked using the YouTube logo.

Where can I find support?

Support can be found in two places. The first is on the project page specifically (e.g. Concorde wiper model is on the Concorde page towards the bottom under support). The second place is on the main support page(s) on the main menu at the very top navigational menu.

It is recommended you visit the project specific page first to see if there is support on there, if not then visit the main support page.

IMPORTANT NOTES regarding aircraft package support

Those wanting to add more liveries to an aircraft package, please visit the aircraft section and view the 'How do I ... ?' page.

You can also learn how to use my aircraft panels or sounds with other aircraft you have installed by visiting this page.