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Welcome to my Flight Simulator web site. Here you can find my project work which I have developed, and any future developments.

I have developed skills in AFCAD design, scenery design, repainting aircraft and package building.

My main aim though is not just in the quality of my work that I produce but in how it is installed. I prefer to make things easy for my users and believe in a hassle free installation. I have made sure that all of my projects install automatically through the use of wizards.

To learn more about my Flight Sim projects (traffic, aircraft, scenery etc) please visit the appropriate link above. Download links can be found towards the bottom of each project page. So can promotional videos which are linked using the YouTube logo.

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Latest Releases

  1. Have you updated your ServInfo gauge for use with my Boeing Aircraft?
  2. Concorde V Speeds / Panel Pack Release !
  3. Ireland Airports (including scenery) by IFSD Group (Irish Flight Sim Design Group)
  4. Version 2.5 AFCAD for EGNM (minor update from version 2)
  5. Boeing aircraft packages update to version 3 (visit aircraft project pages)
  6. My long awaited Project Reality Traffic EGNM version 1.4 has been released

Latest News

03 Mar 2018 - Due to new regulations put out by Google and other companies (source); as of July 2018 the current URL domain (http://fsprojects.netau.net) for this website will not work as it does now (see source for details).

Therefore; please (1) update your bookmark and (2) use the URL domain www.fsprojects.tk from now on to access this web site.

20 June 2017 - Apologies to those who tried to access either of my web sites during the end of May. I was not informed about my web host changing to a new system. All content has been migrated across.

19 Mar 2017 - Added uninstall instructions to EGNM Extreme Freeware project page as it is no longer supported and conflicts with the new UK2000 Part 7 freeware scenery.

Added detailed install instructions for my AFCAD so it works correctly with all third party add-ons for FS.

Tweaked entire web site coding to include when each page has been updated. This is still shown within the footer of each page.

18 Mar 2017 - UK2000 scenery Parts 1 through till 8 are now freeware! They are well worth downloading for FS9! To install, please view the instructions provided on the new Best UK Airports scenery page :)

If you have EGNM Extreme Freeware scenery, I highly advise uninstalling it if you use UK2000 Part 7 or British Airports Vol 6 by JustFlight (see the EGNM Freeware project page on how to uninstall it properly). This is because this freeware scenery pack is no longer compatible (may have caused a bumpy runway taxiway transition or vice versa).

I will be re-releasing the local EGNM scenery addons (Emley Moore Tower etc) as a new project next month so you can still use that scenery along side UK2000 :)

8 Dec 2016 - Updated contact form to conform with latest online security.

3 Dec 2016 - I no longer use the ".co.nr" URL for these web sites so please update your bookmark if required.

Mar 2014 - Links section updated. Added extra 'Useful Tools' page as well.

Jan 2012 - Historic Jetliners Group link added due to their recent work with re-releasing Project Mach 2.0 (Concorde) which includes my panel mods. Highly recommend visiting their web site to learn more about what they have to offer. See links page.

18 Aug 09 - New promotional videos uploaded for Boeing Packages !

06 Aug 09 - Support provided via support page & documentation (Readme files etc) only!

04 July 09 - Those with my Boeing packages may want to update the ServInfo gauge.

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