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ANG002 9am HST Kings Cross to York via Leeds (v2.0)

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Take charge of a 9am HST service from London's Kings Cross to York via Leeds. You will be calling at Stevenage, Peterborough, Grantham, Newark, Retford, Doncaster, Wakefield Westgate, Leeds and finally York. The traffic is heavy leaving London which will cause you to be late at Stevenage but can you make up the time to arrive at York on time?

Time to Complete: No longer than 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Visit the UKTrainSim download page to learn more about this activity.

It is recommended that you download the HST Sound Pack as well (learn more).

Support for this activity can be found on the support page (see top navigation menu).

MSTS Bin version used: 1.8.052113

Important Note about installation:

Please note if installing my HST Sound Pack along side my activities, there is no need to run the second installer at the end of my activity installers because this sound package also includes the 'Broken Coupler' fix as well.

Stock Required from UKTrainSim:

In ANG002 you require default stock provided with East Coast Express CDs and MSTS CDs (make sure all default MSTS routes are installed).

The following stock from UKTrainSim is required (links provided via file ID):
note: All links open in a new window or tab!

  1. 11149 - Class 158903 [Arriva Trains Metro New Livery] [04 Apr 2007]
  2. 16427 - 158792 Northern Livery [14 Apr 2007]
  3. 10315 - Class 158 sound set [01 Oct 2004]
  4. 4059 - 158_Cabview [14 Dec 2002]
  5. 19174 - Class 365 [First Capital Connect] [11 Jun 2008]
  6. 11878 - Class465Networker Cabview [19 Mar 2005]
  7. 4688 - Networker Sounds [04 Feb 2003]
  8. 16415 - Class 333 [Arriva] [09 Apr 2007]
  9. 16480 - EB Class 170301 [First TransPennine Express] [21 Apr 2007]

Promotion Video (ANG002)

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This video includes my HST Sounds Pack.