Activities for East Coast Express

My first ever activity completed 'ANG001 6am HST York to KX via Leeds' was developed for the competition that Europeanbahn had in early 2009 but I also released it to the public. ANG002 was completed in 2013 which was a followed on from ANG001.

With my experiences within the Flight Simulator community I was able to easily get stuck in using some help pages from the Activity Creator that comes with MSTS. The hardest part I found was timing the AI traffic which worked very differently to what I was use to when creating AI traffic in Flight Simulator.

Activity Pages (select using drop down menu)

To learn more about an activity (including pictures, promotional videos and what stock is required from UKTrainSim), please select the appropriate activity page from the following drop down menu:

NOTE: MSTS Bin is required for all my activities ! Download it here !


Other projects that might interest you!

Click here to visit the UKTrainSim download page for my HST Sounds Pack

PS HST Sound Pack for ECE

This is a stand alone sounds package which is recommended for use with my ECE Activities.

This is a sound pack for the HST's in the ECE series. I will use this as a separate download for my HST activities that I have planned. However this works well without my work so you can all enjoy even if you are not downloading one of my activities.

Important Notes:

  1. Please note if installing this along side my activities, there is no need to run the second installer at the end of my activity installers because this sound package also includes the 'Broken Coupler' fix as well.

  2. This sound pack only has Valenta sounds. See here for MTU sounds.