Links I Recommend Visiting

These are web sites which I highly recommend you visit. Some are freeware and some payware. If you want yours added then contact me using the contact link in the footer (very bottom of any page).

I also recommend the use of Mozilla open source (FREE) software to all.

Click on the appropriate image / logo to enter the web site.

Click to enter the UKTrainSim web site

UKTrainSim is one of, if not the best place to go for freeware addons for any Train Simulator; including MSTS.

Click here to enter the Europeanbahn web site

Europeanbahn is a commercial company that I highly recommend. They developed the East Coast Express series (closed down Oct 2012).

For PATCHES for any EuropeanBahn product please visit UKTrainSim directly here.

Click here to enter the Making Tracks web site

MakingTracks is another commercial company and they are renowned for their excellent Great Eastern addon for MSTS. Well worth a visit.

Click to enter the TS Insider web site

Train Simulator Insider is a haven for the upcoming new MSTS 2. Keep an eye on this web site (an official MSTS web site).

Click to enter the MSTS Bin web siteMSTS Bin is an unofficial patch so to speak. It changes the way MSTS handles and improves certain features. I personally didn't like to use this at first but I changed my mind of using it for my activities onwards from ANG002 due to it's benefits when creating activities.