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03 Mar 2018 - Due to new regulations put out by Google and other companies (source); as of July 2018 the current URL domain ( for this website will not work as it does now (see source for details).

Therefore; please (1) update your bookmark and (2) use the URL domain from now on to access this web site.

20 June 2017 - Apologies to those who tried to access either of my web sites during the end of May. I was not informed about my web host changing to a new system. All content has been migrated across.

8 Dec 2016 - Updated contact form to conform with latest online security.
3 Dec 2016 - I no longer use the "" URL for these web sites so please update your bookmark if required.

Sept 2013 - ANG002 version 2 released to fix issues with the last AI train (a 225 that arrives and leaves York at the end of the activity).

June 2013 - ANG002 has been released. Visit the activities section to learn more.

Nov 2012 - Europeanbahn web site closes (Source). My condolences to Ken and his family.

Dec 2011 - Sounds Pack - Re-release! Download and install version 2.1.2 today!

Mar 2011 - The contact page for support is now active again but please bare in mind that I won't be able to reply straight away (again due to my own current life commitments at the moment).

November 09 - Important announcement:

Please note if installing my HST Sound Pack along side my activities, there is no need to run the second installer at the end of my activity installers because this sound package also includes the 'Broken Coupler' fix as well.

02 July 09 - ANG001 Activity updated to version 2.0


The activity itself has not changed from version 1.1. If you downloaded that (and if you were able to run it without any problems), then you have no need to upgrade unless you reinstall your Train Simulator. Version 1.1 did work but there was a slight bug not noticeable till recently (explained below).

However the installation of the activity has changed due to a sounds issue which became apparent to me this week after re-installing my Train Sim. This issue has now been resolved in version 2. The sounds package is now separate and has been released as a separate project. HST Sound Package.

01 July 09 - Fix for sound issue (failed to find SMS file). Visit Support.

21 April 2009 - New MSTS web site launched.

16 Mar 2009 - ANG001 Released on UKTrainSim.

10 Mar 2009 - ANG001 Promotional Video released on YouTube.