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HST Sounds Package for East Coast Express (v2.1.2)

Click here to visit the UKTrainSim download page for my HST Sounds Pack

This is a stand alone sounds package which is recommended for use with my ECE Activities. For details of this project please view the UKTrainSim download page.

This is a sound pack for the HST's in the ECE series. I will use this as a separate download for my HST activities that I have planned. However this works well without my work so you can all enjoy even if you are not downloading one of my activities.

Important Notes:

  1. Please note if installing this along side my activities, there is no need to run the second installer at the end of my activity installers because this sound package also includes the 'Broken Coupler' fix as well.

  2. This sound pack only has Valenta sounds. See here for MTU sounds.

Installation instructions:

Those who have version 2.1 (original release) installed; please uninstall it using the uninstaller found in your start menu (Start Menu > PS MSTS Stuff) before installing version 2.1.2. Otherwise simply download and install the above version (2.1.2).

Bug fixes in version 2.1.2:

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