Support for ANG002 (version 1.0 and 2.0)

*** New - Missing Path File (Failed to find "ang002 ai50 sb 225 york.pat"...) ***

The first place you should go for support is the troubleshooting document. This contains two major issues which have been addressed. This can be found in your start menu:

Start Menu\Programs\PS MSTS Stuff\ANG002\Troubleshooting\aka First place to go for Support

However, there was one issue which was picked up in the UKTrainSim forum which I did not include in the documentation (well not directly).

If you get the following screen error messages below then you need to follow the instructions provided on this web page:

Error 1

Error 2

How to fix this issue

This is very easy to fix. Thanks to scottm who provided the images above and was the one who actually had this issue originally.

Cause: The Part 2 patch has not been installed before installing Part 3 (Leeds Loop).

Fix (means a complete reinstall of ECE I'm afraid)

Windows Vista, 7, 8 users: Add / Remove Programs is your Programs and Features.

1) Uninstall my activity by going to your start menu or Add/Remove Programs
2) Completely uninstall ECE (best done in Add/Remove Programs)
3) Then go to the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\ROUTES\

4) In this directory select the folder 'eb_eastcoast' and delete it (make sure you delete everything including any files that maybe read only, if prompted).

5) Re-install Parts 1 and 2 as normal
6) Apply the Part 2 Patch now (get it from UKTrainSim - Look for ECE Part 2)
7) Re-install Part 3
8) Re-install my activity and it should not provide the error messages above

If you find this doesn't fix it then view this thread to see if you have another issue; or contact me if you still find no answer there.

Missing Path Issue (FIXED)

Thanks to 'coolhand101' for reporting this issue so I could address it and fix it.

Cause: Train store (though possibly train sim itself) reports a missing path "ang002 ai50 sb 225 york.pat". The path file is missing in version 1.0.

FIX: Download and install version 2.0 which addresses and fixes the issues raised.